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La Guita

The Hijos de Rainera Pérez Marín Wineries are situated in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, one of the towns that comprise the "Marco de Jerez" triangle. Our Winery was founded by Mr. Domingo Pérez Marín in 1852.

Since 2007 is part of Grupo Estevez Jerez wine group, joining other large wineries are members of the group as Valdespino and Real Tesoro

From 1526 until the end of the XVI century, the building that is currently the Winery headquarters in number 1 Calle Misericordia, was the site of the most important hospital in Sanlúcar. In its early years it was called the Santa Misericordia Hospital but was later renamed the Hospital de San Juan de Dios upon being donated to the Order by the same name in the year 1589. The Bishop of Sevilla entrusted the management of the Hospital to Juan Pecador, who was canonised by Pope Juan Pablo II in 1996 with the name of San Juan Grande.

Between 1867 and 1868, it was reconstructed in order to be converted into a Winery, as evidenced on the railing of the large round doorway at the entrance to the main premises and, to this day, it maintains this function. The sign with the original name, "Bodega de San Juan de Dios", on ceramic tiles can still be seen on the main façade today.

The Winery has curiously conserved the old façade of "San Juan de Dios" temple, which is of the most authentic classic baroque style probably dating back to the XVII century. Its ornamental elements are concentrated in the moulding and pilaster that decorate the façade in addition to a large upper tablet. This magnificent building is located in an architectural setting typical of Sanlúcar's oldest historical quarter and close to the neighbouring Basílica de la Caridad. The Winery itself, for its mere characteristics, brings character to this important part of the Barrio Alto neighbourhood.

Manzanilla LA GUITA is aged within these walls. This is the emblem of our company, and it also gives its name to the building that houses it. As it is situated on the highest point of the city, it receives the humid western winds directly and these are essential to the ageing of this wine, which is unique in the world.

LA GUITA is the first Manzanilla to carry the bottling date on the back label. This information is very important to guarantee consumers the optimum date for consumption. Our company's philosophy is based on producing high quality products and offering the best possible service. For years, we have seen our efforts rewarded by the acceptance and loyalty of customers and consumers who have made LA GUITA the undisputable national market leader.

Market growth and customer demand led us to broaden our product offer and we started to make and market still wines.