Grupo Estévez S.A.

Carretera Nacional IV Km. 640. 11408
Jerez de la Frontera. España
Tfn. +34 956 321 004
Fax. +34 956 340 829

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Our three bottling lines have a total capacity of 32,000 bottles per hour.They include:

  • Automatic de-palletiser for the bottles
  • Rinsing
  • Filling system
  • Bottle top/capsule fitting machine
  • Quality control for quantity filled and correct bottle top/capsule fitment
  • Labelling system
  • Automatic scanner detecting the correct positioning of labels
  • Storage space for the finished product

Wine making centre

Our wine making centre includes:

  • Grape reception bay
  • Stalk removal and crusher
  • Stainless steel temperature controlled gravity presses (x3)
  • Pneumatic presses (Vaslin Bucher x2)

Fermentation Plant

Fermentation Plant

The Estevez group has one of the most modern facilities for the production and ageing of Sherry. It has a completely automatic fermentation plant for up to 5,000,000 litres of 'mosto' grape must.


One of the bodegas investing the most in research and development is the Estevez Group, in order to produce wines of maximum quality. With projects such as reducing histamine levels and developing genomic music which is played within the wine cellars, the Estevez group has become the indisputable leader of the Sherry wine sector in technology, innovation and quality.