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Art Gallery

Our wine cellars are also full of art. In our facilities you can see and enjoy collections of clocks, tapestries, walking sticks, writing desks and real jewels of painting, particularly in our contemporary art gallery.

Of special importance in the art gallery's collection is our "Suite Vollard" collection by Picasso, made up of 100 prints along with important works by Botero, Miro, Dali, Sicilia Salustiano, Tapies and many other artists.

Suite Vollard is considered the most important work in the history of engraving. It was made by Picasso between September 1930 and June 1936. To the 97 original prints the work comprised of, three portraits of Ambroise Vollard by Picasso produced in the 1930s were added in 1937. Together these one hundred prints hace been the property of Estévez Group since the summer of 2002.

Among the pictorial works in the gallery there are notable canvasses by Botero in his particular figurative style; the symbolism in the work of Tápies, or the work of the Seville painter Salustiano "Y si ahora no nos movemos, no pasará nada" (And if we don?t move now, nothing will happen) which with its finely drawn line half way between Italian painting and oriental art and its profound red colour affords us an almost unequalled serenity and balance.

Central among the works of outstanding Spanish painters in the gallery, one can appreciate the best of contemporary Spanish painting. Be it the linear abstraction of Pablo Palazuelo in his work "Circino XXXVI" or the large format work of Manuel Valdes in "Dorothy VIII", a great exponent of the use of colour and giving special treatment to the materials which form part of his work.

From the world of sculpture, our gallery contains sculptures by Jorge Oteiza and Eduardo Chillida, both from the Basque school of sculpture, with markedly geometric and cubist forms.