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Sherry Ageing

The Sherry wines of Jerez are characterized by having two types of ageing, biological ageing and oxidative ageing. During Biological ageing a layer of yeast forms over the surface of the wine isolating it from the air, consumes the alcohol and gives the wine nutrients.

It is this veil of 'flor', yeast, which is the wonder of biological ageing and which gives the particular characteristics to Sherry wine aged in this way, the Finos and Manzanillas. For Oxidative ageing, the wine is fortified to around 17.5%, which prevents the 'flor' from forming. The wine is then stored in oak barrels and starts its ageing in the presence of air, which will give the Sherry the characteristics of Olorosos and Amontillados.

The Criadera and Solera System: The Criadera and Solera System is the method used to guarantee the consistency of quality and ageing in the production of Sherry. It is based on the fact that the older sherry wine is refreshed with younger wine, the younger wine acquiring the characteristics of the older.