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Miniatura Royal Cream

Alcohol by volume:  18.00°

Format: 10 cc.


This Cream Sherry is a blend of our full-bodied Oloroso and our Pedro Ximenez, matured using the traditional Solera and Criadera system. The sweetness of this Sherry is derived from the Pedro Ximenez, grown from the grape variety of the same name. Once harvested, the Pedro Ximenez grapes are left out in the September sunshine for about a couple of weeks. This greatly increases the sugar levels and gives the grape its raisin texture and flavour. The blend of these superb wines makes this Cream Sherry one of the most popular styles, having an aroma of a mature noble wine, with hints of dried fruits and notes of oak and raisin. It is rich, rounded, velvety and complex on the palate, well balanced with a long aftertaste. It is superb as an aperitif, can also be enjoyed with all kinds of desserts, cakes, cheeses and as an after dinner drink. Can be served at ´room´ ambient temperature, with ice ´on the rocks´, or chilled from the fridge.