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Pedro Ximenez Nińos VORS


Alcohol by volume:  15.50°

Allergens: Contains Sulphites

Format: 500 cc.


The Soleras of our Very Old Rare Sherries were established towards the end of the 19th Century. Each individually registered bottle of the "Valdespino V.O.R.S. Collection" represents over 100 years of careful selection by generations of expert oenologists. The result is a Sherry unique in character, intensity and complexity. Nińos is the top of the range Pedro Ximénez. Extra ripe grapes are dried in the sun till they become raisins with very high sugar levels. The wine is aged for over 10 years before it even enters this tiny solera of just 8 butts. When it is finally bottled, it has an average age of over 60 years. This confers on it incredible concentration and complexity with lots of dried fruit notes as well as hints of coffee and liquorice. Despite the sweetness, it has a refreshing balancing acidity and the sheer amount of flavour in the wine also distracts one from it. A dessert in itself, Nińos is wonderful after dinner, and of course excellent with chocolate desserts, ice cream and fine blue cheese.