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Vodka Wolny

Alcohol by volume:  40.00°

Format: 70 cc.


WOLNY is a descendent of the great POLISH VODKAS. Authentic and natural, it is the very expression of good taste in vodka. It pays homage to its lineage of centuries of experience and tradition in Polish distilling. Its unique personality is the result of the excellent quality of the raw material used and its spirit lies at the heart of the POTATO, DISTILLED THE ARTISAN WAY IN FIVE STAGES to achieve its characteristic creamy flavour. Thanks to the experience of our Master Blenders we have created WOLNY ULTRA PREMIUM, a vodka of the greatest purity and quality which, thanks to its NEUTRALITY AND SMOOTHNESS gives us AMAZING drinking POSSIBILITIES since it is ideal for enjoying straight and chilled as well as mixing with natural juices, tonic water and mixers or in the most avant-garde cocktails.